The Innovation School of Rome is the place where innovators can transform their ideas into a products thanks to a comprehensive step-by- step 3 months program that was built distilling the know-how and experiences of entrepreneurs, designers and investors.


Nicola Mattina. A very curious human being, he likes to read, listen, watch and learn new things and spends most of his time trying to understand what happens around him. Over the past twenty years, he worked mainly as a consultant helping complex organizations to understand and embrace digital transformation. In 2013, he co-founded and invested in Stamplay, a low-code development platform to help IT departments and software consultants to integrate business softwares in cloud.
You can find him on FacebookLinkedinSlideshare and YouTube. He started blogging when it was a new thing, many years ago: read his blog in English and Italian.


Alessandro Zonnino. Innovator by training, designer by passion. He’s obsessed with things that look good, and his raison d’être is leveraging good design to have an impact on the world. He wrote his first line of code when he was 14, and later became an entrepreneur at the age of 18. He is a Master of Science student in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at LUISS University in Rome. He studied at IDC Herzliya in Israel and at Northeastern University in Boston.
He is passionate about futurism, history, and geopolitics. He is an avid reader, a tireless eclecticist, and a pretty decent cook.
You can read his thoughts on Facebook and follow his adventure as co-founder of isRome on LinkedIn.